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Temperature monitoring via sensors

Temperature monitoring is an increasingly important part of fleet telematics. Refrigerated vans, trucks, vehicles and trailers are used for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural haulage. Reduce losses, save costs and improve efficiency on your refrigeration vehicles by using temperature monitoring from EZtoTrack.

Fleet Management Systems for Small Fleets

Small businesses face many challenges. Keeping the revenue generating vehicle fleet running is one of the most challenging. But they don’t realize that fleet management doesn’t have to be expensive and complex even for small fleets of one or several vehicles.

Technologies that impact the Supply Chain

Every industry is affected by different segments of the new innovative technologies each day. The supply chain companies, are also, affected by the tech revolution.

There are many things that businesses have to keep in mind to ensure their long-term survival during the smart tech revolution, like drones, self-driving vehicles, robotics, 3-D printing and wearable technology.

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