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The EZtoTrack GPS tracking and fleet management system features many different reports. The data generated from the reports, provides a detailed analysis of the operation of the fleet and improvement of its efficiency and productivity.


Reports in the system are displayed in the form of a simulation on a geographic map or in grids and charts. The basic report for vehicle movement history (motion simulation) provides data on: vehicle position, speed, sensors status, time and date, engine status, latitude and longitude, and direction of the vehicles movement.


In addition, the system includes mileage reports, status and conditions, as well as report for active working hours for special vehicles and heavy machinery. The mileage reports include total mileage, total vehicle inactivity, total driving time, average speed etc.

In conclusion, the EZtoTrack system provides fleet management reports for:

  • Start and end of movement,
  • Time of retention in POI (Point of Interest) when visiting pre-defined objects,
  • Past miles,
  • Violations alerts,
  • Maximum and minimum speed,
  • Status of installed sensors, etc.

In order to meet the users’ needs, the option to develop new reports is always open as a complementary service.


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